Dear HMA friends!

Little Holly is new in the shop today and I can't believe that tomorrow will be the first of December!!

I wish you all a lovely and warm Advent season



Please note, a bear in the shopping cart is not reserved and can therefore also be bought by someone else!

If a bear is now sold twice due to multiple purchases at the same time, I will issue a refund ASAP. Unfortunately it can happen that PayPal takes the money from my bank account instead of my PayPal account. In this case it will take a few days until the money is back in your own PayPal account. Unfortunately, I cannot change that and I ask for your understanding. Fortunately, this doesn't happen often...  Should this happen, the bear will go to the customer that came first according to order number.

November is your month if you like very little bears! More little bears will be added to the shop soon.

Thank you very much!



📰 HMA Newsletter. 📬 20-10.

Hello Dear HMA friends!

On Monday september 21, a few new HMA bears will move into the store, they will appear around 20.00 (8.00 PM)  (Groningen/Amsterdam) , Click here for local times around the world. 

There will be color & cheer!! Hopefully they receive a warm welcome 😊 

Thank you ❣


📰 HMA Newsletter. 📬 20-08.

Hello Dear HMA friends!

I added a new bear to the store today, his name is Perry and he is patiently waiting for your visit ;-)

For those who tried to use the mail link on the Teddy bear necessities page and had trouble using the link, I fixed the problem and the link now works!!

Thank you,

Vivianne Galli



📰 HMA Newsletter. 📬 28-07.

Hello Dear HMA friends!

If all goes well, there will be new HMA bears available in the shop tomorrow 29-07 Around 20.00 (8.00 PM)  (Groningen/Amsterdam) , Click here for local times around the world. 

For the Teddy bear crafters among us, somethings on the way as well, I will have some great and very affordable bear-necessities in the shop soon, mostly materials, mohairs that I love to use myself. At the beginning of August, I start posting these various articles so keep an eye on the shop for up-dates.

Thank you.



(HMA Newsletter. 📬 03-06.)

Hello Dear HMA friends!

On Thursday June 4, a few new HMA bears will move into the store, they will appear around 20.00 (8.00 PM)  (Groningen/Amsterdam) , Click here for local times around the world. 

Hopefully they receive a warm welcome 😊 

Thank you ❣


(HMA Newsletter. 📬 27-05.)

As you will have noticed, there's not very often HMA news going your way even though you might have subscribed to the HMA newsletter.

Many of you have signed up to receive the HMA newsletter, thank you so very much for that b.t.w!! However, when sending the last newsletter, it turned out that many of you have an email account that is apparently not very charmed by our beary nice HMA news and will sent it back with nasty consequences for my mailbox or simply remove it straight into your junkbox...

I have thought a lot about how I could improve this and have come to the conclusion that posting a newsletter directly on the HMA website is the easiest way, everyone can now read the newsletter without any problems, without having to scroll through your junk mail and.. now you will be able to read it when it suits you best!

Presenting the HMA newsletter in this way, will also make it easier for me to quickly post updates and to inform you about new upcoming work or any exiting dates to safe!

So keep an eye on this page because there are some beautiful bears on the way and the date on which they will be placed in the store will be announced very soon! Hopefully I will have all the bears ready on the second of June or Wednesday June 3 (I'm afraid I experienced some delay on the delivering of my materials)

Speaking of delivery... Those who have bought a HMA bear in recent months, might have noticed that the travel time has taken longer than usual, unfortunately there are HMA bears that haven't even seen their new homes and are still on a very tiring journey..

At the moment and in my experience, the HMA bears who have traveled to the UK and the United States are mainly the ones who have been delayed and on the road longer than usual and I would hereby like to thank these collectors for their remarkable and incredible patience!!!

I would also like to thank the collectors who, despite the warnings on my website about possible delays in shipping due to the covid-19 circumstances, have bought an HMA bear!!

Thank you all so very.. very much for your support, even in these weird and uncertain times & wishing you peace and happiness this Pentecost ❣

Inge Vivianne Galli


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